XXL Advent calendar

I know! A tutorial for an Advent calendar on November 30th is a little late but unfortunately I could not show it to you earlier. I made this Advent calendar for a friend and I only could give it to her today. As much as I love to share my ideas as an inspiration with you, this time it was more important to me that the Advent calendar remained a surprise for my friend. Nevertheless, I made a tutorial for you. Even if it’s too late for this year, you might want to save this idea for next year.


bauzeichnug holz

First you need wood for the Advent calendar. I used some compressed wood, which I still had and sawed it to the following measurements: a) 1.25m X 8cm b) 14cm x 12.5cm c) 39cm X 11cm d) 67cm X 11cm e) 14cm x 95cm f) 12cm x 1,20m. Next I sawed the sides of the wood in an angle of 60 degrees. After sawing the wood, don´t forget to sand the wood smooth.


The stickers for the Advent calendar can be bought at the internetshop of Creatisto but I was lucky enough to win them at Dekotopia.net. Yeah!


Finally you need 24 small brown bags and 24 wooden clothespins.


baum bauzeichnung

1. In order for you to know how you need to glue the wooden parts together, I have created this graphic. The principle is very simple: Glue the wooden parts with wood glue so that they look like a Christmas tree.


2. Next I painted the Christmas tree white.

3. When the paint is dry, you can now arrange the stickers with the Advent calender numbers on the Christmas tree.


4. You must now glue a clothespin next to every number. I used wood glue.

5. The sticker-set I got from Creatisto had also stickers for the clothespins.


6. For the gift bags I first folded all bags like in the picture…

7. … and then I drew a half circle on the upper part with the help of a small bowl.


8. Next I cut this half circle with some zigzag scissors …

9. … and painted the rim white. After the paint is dry you’re done. Now you only have to mount the advent calender with nails to a wall, fill 24 gift bags and put them in the clothespins. Ta daa!



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