Lettering on wood

Apparently there are people who can paint freehand (I’ve seen this at least once on TV). These talents don`t need stencils or templates, no projector and no sketches. I personally believe, that the sighting of these mythological beings is only a fraud and in times of Photoshop, we don`t even have to talk about alleged photographic evidence, but that’s another topic.

In any case, I need my little crutches. When I use images and shapes I like working with templates, but they are no help with fine lettering. By chance I once stumbled about a trick on the internet that allegedly comes from an old sign painter, and I highly recommend this tip (I cannot say, if it works on any material. I only tried it on wood).

HERE you can find my Internet source in English. Just follow the link and you will be enlightened. I can tell you why I painted the word “Intermission” on my bathroom door. “Bathroom” was just not interesting enough for me. Since many of my guests do not know the term Intermission, they still do not find the toilet but for me this little personal joke never gets old.

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