Wooden postcards

Honey, I’m home! I feel a little bit like the man who says he would only get cigarettes and was never seen again. My blog holiday lasted a little longer than I had previously planned but I’m sure that you have enjoyed the rest of summer despite me going MIA. Of course, I do not return empty-handed and so I am back with a new DIY tutorial for wooden postcards.

Step 1


First you need images for your postcards. I’ve used a few free vectors from Freepik and designed my own images with Photoshop. Please print your images not on normal paper but use special photo paper.

Step 2

Next, you need thin wood in postcard size. For my postcard I sawed plywood out of poplar with 4 mm thickness myself but you can also ask the guys at your hardware store (in Germany) whether they already saw your wood to postcard size for you (for free).

Step 3


To glue the images onto the wood you can of course use wood glue but I used Mod Podge because I wanted to find out if this stuff is really as great as everyone says.At last I used clear varnish to protect the image a bit.

Step 4


Now you just have to paint a few lines and a box for the stamp onto the back and your wooden postcard is already finished. My postman (in Germany) told me that 80 cents postage for the card is enough but I recommend checking the postage again at your post office.


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  1. Linda Nelson

    22 February

    I love this idea!