Wall vase

I am always happy when I find a DIY competition or a photo contest on the Internet and so I would like to present you a project for a DIY competition from Bosch that I finished today with the theme “Glass”. The task was to produce anything creative with the material glass, such as lamps made of bottles or a painted vase. You know, I love to work with glass but this applies equally to pallet wood and cutlery, so I decided to combine my favorite three materials in one project for the contest.

My idea was to reverse the usual contrast of a white vase with colorful flowers and instead create a colorful background for a vase with white flowers. Wish me luck!


Material 1

You need a piece of wood with the dimensions 9 cm X 35 cm…


…a large silver-plated or silver piece of cutlery such as this salad fork …


…and a thick bottle.

Step 1

Schritt 1

After I sanded the wood, I first painted it white …


…and then painted it with bright colors in a herringbone pattern.

Step 2


To transform the salad fork to a mounting, I had to saw off the fork head and then I trained my muscles a little. First attached one end of the fork in a clamp, bent it in an angel and then I bent the middle part around the bottle neck and marked at which point I would like to have the second angle. There I cut off the excess metal, put the fork back into the clamp and bent the second angle.

Step 3


Now my mounting needed holes. If you need some help with this part I have a tutorial about how to drill holes in metal HERE.

Step 4



Normally, I would always use screws for a mounting but unfortunately I couldn´t make the holes in the metal big and so I didn´t have screws that were small enough for the holes. Against my better judgment I clamped the mounting around the bottle neck and nailed the whole thing on the wood background. So far, it holds.

Step 5


After I filled the vase as a test run with flowers, I knew where the flower heads would be later and so I drilled a hole in the wood at this point and screwed the construction to the wall. For this reason, one cannot see the screw if the vase is filled with flowers.



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