Wall garden for my balcony

Wall garden for my balcony

Since I moved into my apartment, I have a little problem. Actually, I should call it a luxury problem because in comparison (to almost everything) I really cannot complain. I name it anyway: I can`t install balcony boxes on my balcony, because I have cats and the obligatory catnet tightened around my balcony. Just like I have said: a luxury problem. Since my balcony is also not the biggest, I was always in a bit of a loss as to how to accommodate my plants in the summer. Who would have thought that I drove past the solution a hundred times: the good old pallet.

Once one makes sure, you suddenly see them everywhere: in front of shops, supermarkets, construction sites and on the roadside. If they are used you can sometimes get them for free or you can buy new ones for a few euros at the wholesale.

Pallets are a popular material for several years now at the furniture design. Chairs are built out of pallets, sofas, beds (HERE is my own balcony bed), cabinets and shelves. I’ve even seen pictures of a whole house made out of pallets. I don`t need a pallet house, but I wanted a balcony wall garden and so I build one myself (with help):

If you’re interested to build a wall garden yourself, I have a few tips for you:

1. Work with gloves! Since pallets are badly build, splinters and rusty nails are just waiting for their next victim.

2. Research a bit about the different types of pallets, since not every type is suitable for your apartment. Depending on the way they are used some pallets are sprayed against vermins with chemicals. These pallets have a special sign burned in and may only be used for outdoor furniture.


3. If you like to build a wall garden of your own you first need a pallet and either it already has the perfect size or you need to shorten it to the desired size with a saw. If you do not need to saw it, you now require three more wood boards, everyone else can take the boards that are left over after the sawing. Next you have to turn the pallet upright and upside down. Everything which is now left is that you screw in a sub board under each cross board.


base upside down


screw detail upper side

If you’re really good, you can now line your pallet flower boxes with tarpaulin with the help of an industrial stapler and fill them properly with soil. I was lazy and just placed the plants with their pots into the flower boxes.

2 kästen
boxes right side up

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