Under bed drawers

Do you have nests at home? I do not mean bird nests or cozy nests with lots of pillows and soft blankets. In my circle of friends we call a pile of stuff that is hidden somewhere in the apartment a nest. Typical locations for nests are large closets, the space behind doors or the space under the bed. Nests can be built easily. You just throw your stuff, for which you don´t have a place, in a pile and hide it behind something or shove it under big furniture. Getting rid of nests is far more difficult.

This week I decided to take care of my biggest nest under the bed and transformed two large drawers of an old Ikea dresser to under bed drawers. I must say I’m pretty amazed at how tidy my bedroom now looks and at first glance other people now can´t any longer see that a busy mama bird slumbers inside me who is always looking for new breeding ground for her old broken stuff or things that she doesn´t like anymore but which are too nice to throw them away. Instead, my visitors now think that I am living neat and organized. Oh, if they only knew how the inside of my new under bed drawers already looks!

If you would like to know how I made my bed drawers, you only have to continue reading, as always.


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Step 1


First, I pulled out the two large drawers of my dresser and measured whether these would fit under my bed. Unfortunately, the larger one of the two was too high, so I had to unpack my circular saw. First I sawed off about 2,4 inches from the top of the drawer…

Step 2


… and then I glued this part of the bigger drawer on top of the second drawer. I did this to adjust the height of the smaller drawer so that both of them would look the same height. Then I unscrewed the handles on the drawers and painted both drawers white.

Step 3


Now I only had to paint the handles light gray and screw them back on. At last I glued felt to the bottom of the drawers so that I can pull them out without scratching my floor and then I was finally able to fill my new my bed drawers! Yay!


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  1. Ka

    28 June

    Hello. Love your project!

  2. P. A.Sylvester

    7 January

    this is a lovely idea BUT if the house is basement less, the things in the drawer get damp and smelly.

  3. Gilmer Gal

    26 March

    This is a wonderful idea! I have carpet, but I can put some of those plastic furniture sliders on the bottom of the drawer and they’ll work perfect! Thanks for posting.