Two crowns and a moustache

Two crowns and a moustache

After all the dress up superhero action, I present you two small crowns. I think they are super cute and the larger one was even fitting on my large head but I snatched them right from my heart and gave them to my former work-kids…

The crowns are made of a broad lace, which was already relatively stiff…


…and these are the other materials that you need:


Previously white, I now varnished the lace gold bronze and smeared it with paste, in the hope that this would work like mod podge. It didn`t, so I also glued a wide hatband (from the collection of my grandma) on the lace. Next I glued and stapled the edges together. At last I attached a small white rubber band and this finished my stapler off … now he’s dead.

Well and then there is the moustache…


For a template I used Google images and printed one. I transferred the stencil onto black fabric, cut two pieces of fabric out, sewed both together on the right side (do not forget the rubber band). Now you have to invert the fabric and fill the moustache with fiberfill or normal cotton wool and sew the opening closed. Done!

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