Triangular bag

Like many other hobbies sewing as passion can be expensive. With a lot of small stuff it can`t be helped but to buy it new (liner, Velcro, sewing machine needles and a hundred things more), many things can be purchased cheaply secondhand (fabric, buttons, zippers etc.) and then there is the category of free stuff, led by everything that can be printed out. The Internet is full of free patterns, tutorials, templates and much more. Especially someone who is able to read English may find here an inexhaustible source of material.

I especially recommend the website Pinterest because it has a very good search function (keyword: free sewing pattern) and you can see other peoples pin boards that have been compiled with collections of free patterns and everybody shares their discoveries. This way, I found a tutorial for a triangular bag which you can get HERE (in English).

The original tutorial has easy to follow images, so you do not even need to fully understand the text and the measurements are mercifully already in centimeters and not, as so often, in inches. My fabric was once an old curtain, from which time period you can easily guess. As a bag handle I just wrapped brown bias tape tightly around the fabric and stitched down the whole thing. I admit that my bag is a bit difficult to match with my clothes, but regardless, I’ve sewn it myself and I’ll guarantee that I am not going to leave this one anywhere by mistake.

PS.: Dear readers, am I the only one who always feels like Scarlett O’Hara when she looks over a curtain or a linen and considers what she can sew out of it? Anyone?

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