Toy block candle holders

Toy block candle holders

There are people who need to be reminded to let out their inner child from time to time and not to take life always so serious and then there are the others. People like me who have to occasionally force the inner adult to appear, because the inner child has no great interest in paying bills. So it was really inevitable that I would sooner or later discover toy blocks as a craft material.

Since wood is flammable, I struggled for a while with the problem, how to make the candle holders fireproof and chose at last the easiest way. In order that you can also have an excuse to play with toy blocks, I’ve put together a tutorial for you and if anyone asks what you’re doing, just say that you research the influence of infantile consumer goods on the intellect of the post-modern man.



A jab saw, spray paint, two-component adhesive and possibly a screw clamp. You can also stick to wood glue but then you have to grind the toy blocks on the adhesive side before your glue them because wood glue doesn´t hold very good on varnished wood. The clamp can be used to firmly press the wooden blocks together when glued.



Old candlesticks made of metal with “heads” (upper parts), you can saw off easily.


Step 1

First you have to saw off the upper parts of your old candleholders with a jab saw. You will find candlesticks like I used on each flea market for one dollar.


Step 2

I spray-painted my candleholders white but of course you can also paint them with a brush and go wild with colors.


Step 3

Now comes the fun part! Build your candlesticks any way you want and then glue the toy blocks together. If you use two-component adhesive, you need to use it immediately after mixing as it dries very quickly.


Step 4

The last thing you need to do is to glue the painted upper parts on your toy-candleholders! Now you can light the candles and be delighted.






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