Tobacco pouch

My bag is always full! If I do not get back pain when carrying it, I am missing something. But ten years ago that was even worse. Today I can at least write “bag” and don´t have to consider whether to be honest and write “baggage” instead…

What I carry around with me, every woman can guess and no (heterosexual) man will ever understand. One of the drawbacks of my big bags is that I need forever to find all the things I use for rolling cigarettes, like tobacco, filters, etc. So I needed at tobacco pouch and what a woman doesn´t have, she sews…


The tobacco pouch has a bigger pocket for filters and tobacco on one side and smaller pockets for papers and lighters on the other side.

As a sewing pattern I used a purchased e-book, which of course I cannot publish here but so you do not come away empty-handed, I have found tutorials with similar instructions for you that are free: HERE (German) and HERE (English). The denim of my tobacco pouch was once an old Jeans coat that I’ve worn in excess when I was 14 years old and the floral fabric was once a blouse that was left over from a clothes-swap-day (more about this event HERE). From this blouse I used only the sleeves, because they were already gathered and finished, so I did not have to do it myself, lazy as I am. As the inner fabric I used an old t-shirt that was unfortunately Jersey and that is why I now have stupid wrinkles. Oh, and I also used batting to bring form to the whole pouch.

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