Tips for pouring candles

Tips for pouring candles

Some of you may already have read here about my “enlightened cups”. Since I made some new cup candles for the next craft market, this time I made photos, because everything works better with pictures for explanation. If you have no idea what I’m talking about, here is a picture of one of my cup candles.

Do you like it? Wanna make one of your own? Great! Now walk this way…


– collected old candles wax
– wicks from old candles, Christmas tree candles or new wicks
– an old pot to melt the wax
– popsicle sticks or similar
– pretty cups (teacups and mocha cups are best)

Step 1

Dochte fixieren

If you still have old candles, you probably have to shorten these because you want to use them as a wick in the center of your cup. Carefully cut the wax around the wick (do not cut the wick itself!) until your wick has the correct length. If you purchased new wicks, you have to dip these first for ten minutes in hot wax, then take them out and let them dry straight. New wick burns badly when it is not pre-soaked with wax. Now you can cut your wick to the desired length. If you use wick from old candles, you only have to shorten these.

Now take your Popsicle sticks and pierce a small hole in the middle with a knife. Pull your wick through the hole and put the Popsicle stick across the rim of the cup so that the wick is centered. The wick should be just touching the bottom of the cup.


If you do not have Popsicle sticks, you can also use clips (to close small bags with) for small cups or clothespins.

Dochte fixieren 2

Step 2


My tin can for melting candle wax

There is a safe way and then there is my way. Either way, use an old pot you no longer wish to cook with. If you like living dangerously, simply throw your candle wax into the pot and heat it on a hot plate. Caution: The pot must have a high rim, since the wax can splash and if you heat the wax too long everything can begin to burn. Just stand beside your pot and when the wax is melting (about 30 seconds), you take the pot off the stove. Who is more reasonable than me, uses a double boiler – there is no fire hazard.

Step 3


First layer

Now you have to pour the melted wax into your cup, but please not quite to the rim. You have to pour the wax in two layers and later you need space for the second layer. Wax shrinks up when it dries and if you don`t want a crater in your cup, let the first layer dry completely and then pour the second layer to fill the crater. Let the second layer also dry and you are done. Congratulations!

…and you`re done

tasse kleiner

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