The rattan lamp

I always find it amazing how one’s own taste and style changes. Don´t let me start about my preferences in design and furniture as a teenager and I was so sure that I’ll have Comic- and Star Wars posters on the walls for the rest of my life! Not to mention my cardboard cutout of Keanu Reeves as Neo in Matrix.

But even now that I have grown up, to my own regret, I catch myself seeing something that I have assessed as butt ugly last week and suddenly I think how nice it looks and wouldn´t it look cute in my apartment? That is how I felt about rattan, until recently. Poor Rattan has been treated very badly by me and often I have made little sounds of disgust when seeing something made of rattan. This discriminatory behavior is now in my past. To my own surprise, I bought a lampshade made of rattan on a flea market and painted it. I still maintain that I do not like the gold-brown color of rattan but in White it has won me over. And what about you? Is Rattan a Go or a No-Go?





1. Paint the lampshade from the inside and outside white.

2. Choose individual rattan boxes and paint them in colors so that they form a pattern. Do this both inside and outside.


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