Temporary DIY Tattoos

Temporary DIY Tattoos

I am a big fan of tattoos but I am unfortunately at the same time a coward with a very low pain tolerance. That is why I was ecstatic when I discovered that you can easily print any image of your choice at home as a temporary tattoo. Since yesterday, my printer is working nonstop and now I can decorate my body, at least temporarily, without any pain with the most beautiful images. A small tip: If you are thinking about a tattoo, this way you can easily try out which tattoo looks where and in what size best!



1. You need tattoo transfer paper that you can buy at various online stores. The paper is not cheap, so you should fill each paper with motifs before printing. This way you can get the most for your money. By comparison: depending on the size, a finished temporary tattoos on the internet costs between two and ten euros per piece.

2. You can find millions of images on the internet that would be suitable as tattoos. However, the image resolution should not be too small, the image needs to be mirrored before printing and if you don´t want any background, you should remove it with an image editing program beforehand and at last you have to save the design as a PNG file.



In order that you can get started quickly, I have mirrored these free designs and converted them for you in PNG files. You can download the tattoos HERE for free.



0. I advise to shave the body part beforehand, where you want to put your tattoo.

1. First I printed my design onto the tattoo paper.

2. Next I applied the sticky paper onto my tattoo paper and cut out my tattoos.

3. Now you can peel away the top film and press the tattoo onto your skin. Soak a hand towel in water and dab onto the tattoo paper backing until it starts to slide away from the tattoo.



The tattoos hold surprisingly well and are showering friendly. If you want to remove the tattoo, don´t pull the tattoo of your skin! Use hot water, soap and possibly a little patience.


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