Tea cup with candle

Tea cup with candle

Genetic predisposition or conditioning? Whatever, my heart beats faster whenever I see pretty tableware, especially fast with cups and mugs. Since my cupboard is already equipped accordingly, I desperately needed a new justification for my greed to buy (used) porcelain and ceramics. My solution: to pour candles into single cups and sell some of them. Although I struggle every time with pain of separation when I sell a cup at least they get a good new home this way.

and here some tips for making your own:

I only use remains of old wax candles, and if at hand, wicks of ugly candles nobody wants. I didn´t have such a good experience with shoe laces as wicks and sometimes use bought wicks (before using these, they have to be dipped in hot wax for a few minutes and afterwards dried straight). In order to keep the wicks straight and upright when pouring my candles, I use (clean) popsicle sticks. I drilled a small hole in the middle of the sticks through which I pull the wick. The popsicle stick is then laid across the rim, so that the wick is centered in the middle. Through the hole in the popsicle, the length of the wick can be adjusted at will. Since candle wax will contract when drying, you have to pour the wax in two layers, if you want to finally have a smooth surface. So after the first layer of wax leave room for a second one!

Ps.: Meanwhile I wrote another post about this topic HERE and this time I added pictures of the different “work stages”.

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