Swap your clothes

Today I want to introduce you to an idea that is actually not quite part of the DIY concept of my blog but it still fits as a recycling event to my theme. For about ten years now three times a year I meet up with my girls to swap our clothing. Of course, we do not replace our whole wardrobe but each girl brings all her clothes with her that no longer fit, she doesn´t like anymore or were a mispurchase.

In order that there are no tears or pulling hair, we strictly follow some rules that have proven themselves over the years:

1) When we meet, we are always between six and twelve girls, less is boring and more will get you problems with space. We try to bring new people into our circle, this way the clothing isn´t the same every time and these meetings are a nice opportunity to introduce new female (or gay) friends or colleagues to your girls.

2) We always put our event on a weekend and usually start at noon – when we are done by five o´clock, we were super-fast! Often we couple our clothes-swapping with birthday parties that are planned without men.

3) In addition to clothes/shoes and jewelry a few of us always bring cake or snacks with (champagne is also an option). The day is always long, and the pack needs to be fed.


4) All clothes are collected in one room and in another room armchairs, chairs and cushions are placed in a semicircle. One girl plays the presenter (as a control freak, that`s often me) and one is the lovely assistant who regularly carries little piles of clothes from one room to another.

5) Each brought piece is now held up one by one and the presenter tells a little bit about the brand, size and material. Everyone who wants to have the garment raises a hand and when more than one girl wants something, we roll dice. Here, groups of numbers are assigned when there are not exactly six or twelve raised hands. For example: Three girls want something then each one gets two numbers assigned.

6) Sometimes one of us will quickly try something on when it is unclear how the clothes work or what size it really is.

7) All clothes that nobody wants are collected in bags and the host is responsible to bring these clothes later to a social institution of her choice as a donation.


8) When everything has been shown, you can either happily go home with your spoils or you try everything on that someone else wanted too. In case that the clothes don`t look good on you, perhaps another girl still wants them.

If you ever try out a clothes-swapping, I would love to hear from you how it went! Have fun!

Ps .: Unfortunately I only have photos that I took last year at a clothes-swapping with my old cell phone camera and therefore the quality is very poor.

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