Superhero masks and one shield

Superhero masks and one shield

Recently I came into possession of an incredible amount of fabrics. These belonged to my grandmother and I think she bought most of them mainly in the 60s and 70s. Almost all are part synthetic which I personally do not like to wear. So I started to think about what else I could sew with the materials. Ten minutes later I was frantically searching for kids costumes sewing patterns!

For several years I worked for a social organization which works with elementary school students and I still often visit my old work place. Both the team and the kids are grown close to my heart and so I knew from the beginning that they should get these costumes. Today I finished the first batch of costumes and I am very curious to see how the children like them.

First, I am going to show you my superhero masks. Free sewing patterns for these can be found HERE and HERE. I made some changes and they do not correspond to the “real” superhero masks, so please do not complain!


But what would Captain America be without his shield…


So yesterday I quickly made a shield for Captain America. First I cut out a circle of cardboard, and then I made a template for the symbol and transferred it onto the fabrics. First I placed a star in the middle, that I found at Google images and then I divided the rest of the shield into circles.


Since I did not know how to get my cardboard circle in the fabric case without kinks, I pinned the fabric around the cardboard and unceremoniously sewed the circle in. This doesn`t look nice at the edges, but another solution didn`t come to my mind. At the back of the shield I sewed on a very broad and robust rubber band as a handle.

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