Superhero capes

Every real small superhero needs his mask and a cape. Actually, not really … most superheroes manage pretty well without a cape but capes fly so beautifully when one runs and my fabric stash has to go, so capes for everybody! And again: Yes, most capes are not true to their original (Flashs wrong flash was an accident). I know!

Before I show you the costumes, I would like to make a call for a donation: Dear acquaintances, friends and relatives – I still need some big piece of black fabric for Batman’s cape, because I only have small black fabric scraps left. If you have some black fabric lying around at home, give it to me and Batman does not have to go naked (or fly naked! Arrgh! Please, can someone stop the pictures in my head :-)).

And here are more:


A template for these capes can be found HERE (in English). The  emblems, I just googled and printed. I used golden snaps as closures for the capes.


Of course, like the “superhero masks”, I donated all capes to my old job (a social organization which works with kids) – Only Spiderman’s cape and mask are going to the five-year-old son of a friend who does not yet know of his good fortune, because he is still on vacation!

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