sunglasses case

First of all I have to say that sunglasses are for me a commodity and no accessory – my sunglasses are therefor never trendy or expensive. But this does not mean that the same is true for my sunglasses case…

I sewed my current sunglasses case myself after I bought an old case made of gray leather at a junk store for 50 cents. I found the silver clasp closure sweet but the leather had to go. Somehow I got the old case out of the closure and then took this as a pattern for my new one. With my fabric I once again fall back on my apple-bedding – this time with green apples. If you find my case pretty, just keep your eyes open and if you can find somewhere an old case (flea market, etc.) get creative… or you just sew yourself a new unique case, using these free tutorials and patterns, I have collected for you:





ruffled sunglass case 1-1




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