Stuffed Easter eggs out of paper

Stuffed Easter eggs out of paper

Originally, I wanted to show you this craft idea last week but I got sick.  I had everything already set up for this tutorial on my dresser in the bedroom and that unfortunately included the chocolate eggs. I don´t think that I have to say more. The only reason I even had some candy left for the filling, was because I couldn´t figure out how to inhale and eat chocolate at the same time (despite a brief experiment). Incidentally, my cat decided that she also wanted to eat part of the craft project and so she took care of the hay. That´s what i call teamwork!


For this craft idea you need kraft paper, a pencil, scissors, needle, thread, candy for the filling and pens in fun colors. Normal pens lose their opacity on kraft paper, which is why I have been looking for an alternative. On the homepage of Marabu (a German company for paint) I discovered the Deco Painters. These are acrylic pens which have the same strong opacity as touch-up pens but are water-based and not as messy. Kindly, Marabu provided me with a few DecoPainters to test them and they actually proved to be the perfect medium for kraft paper.

First you have to draw two eggs on your kraft paper. It´s best to use a template from the Internet, so that the two eggs are exactly the same size.


Now you can get wild. Paint the two eggs as beautiful and colorful as you want. But remember: The eggs are meant to be destroyed. So no tears when your artwork will be ripped in pieces! When you’re done with painting, you can cut out the eggs.


Grab a needle and some thread and start to sew the two eggs together. Don´t sew the whole thing at once. You need to leave an opening for the filling.


Now fill the paper egg with chocolate eggs, nuts or with whatever you want. When everything is in there, you can close the opening. Your egg is now finished and ready to be discovered and opened.


(My thanks to Marabu for the friendly cooperation)

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