String of lights with lampshades

String of lights with lampshades

Today I would like to show you something quick which is also easy to do with (older) children: Lampshades for a chain of lights. I think, I don`t know a single household where a chain of lights isn`t lying around somewhere. Why should one only use them for Christmas? They are always pretty!

That´s what you need:
– A chain of lights
– A sharp knife
– All-purpose adhesive
– Fabric
– Clear plastic cups

Sooo, as a first step you have to cut the disposable cups, depending on their size. My cups were too big so I cut off the top. Next, you take your sharp knife and cut an X in the bottom of the cups. Later you will plug the little lights from the light chain through these openings.

Now comes the part that can last up to five days, depending on the personality of the craftsman: you have to decide which fabric(s) you want to use (I sat about half a day in a large fabric pile and put together endless combinations). You don`t have to dwell on measuring your cups for a pattern – simply roll a cup tightly in fabric and cut along the edges of your cup. If you are happy with the result, you can now use this piece as a template for all lampshades.

Finally, you just have to glue the fabric to the cup with your all-purpose adhesive, pull the lampshades over the lights and that’s it! Congratulations, you are now lamp designers!

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