Stars out of sandwich bags

Stars out of sandwich bags

The last few days I seriously pondered whether I want to show you this tutorial. By chance I stumbled upon a video on Facebook with this idea and decided to make a step-by-step tutorial for my non-Facebook followers. However because of my daily giveaway I never completed the post and now I’ve discovered this idea already on three other blogs. Well, maybe you already know these sandwich-bag-stars but the idea is just so awesome that it is worthy to be shown a couple of times.


You need nine white paper sandwich bags for one star, a pair of scissors, glue and a piece of yarn.



1. First, I cut off the top edge of the sandwich bags.

2. Then I glued all nine sandwich bags together. The closed sides of the bags have to lie on top of each other and you must only glue them together at two places (see picture): In the center in a vertical line and at the bottom horizontally.


3. Next I cut off both corners of the upper parts …

4. … and now you can fan out your sandwich bag star.

5. Finally, you have to glue the end pieces together and as mounting I also glued a piece of yarn between the last two sandwich bags. Have fun with your new star!



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