Stamping with felt

Most of you know the feeling when you see something and all you can think is: “Why did not I think of that?” I had such a moment with the idea to use chess pieces as stamp handles, which I’ve found at Ann-Sophie’s blog “Gesehen und Gesehen werden”. For months now I collect chess pieces for another project and a series of posts about different stamp materials was also already on my list but I didn´t think to connect one idea with the other.

Well, all that is now left for me to, is to show you how you can make simple stamp designs without time consuming cutting and how you can make your own pretty wrapping paper.

Tools and materials

Material Schachstempel

A pair of sharp scissors, a good adhesive (I swear by epoxy glue but others will do just fine), a garland or similar made out of felt from a dollar store and chess pieces.


The holidays are on and all the stores are full of Halloween and Christmas decoration items. This off course also includes the dollar-stores, which are a treasure trove for all crafters these days. Whether Coasters or garlands, party decoration and decorative items for the festive table are very often made out of felt and it occurred to me that I really do not need to cut my own stamp designs and instead can use decor items out of felt. My snowflake garland did cost me about 2 dollars and I’m going to get more than 30 stamps out of it. That is as simple and cheap as it gets!


Because I rather wanted a star than a snowflake, I have cut the flake and then simply glued it to the underside of a chess piece.
chess stamps with felt, stempeln mit Schachfiguren und Filz


As color I’ve used ordinary stamp pad ink and for my wrapping paper, I simply stamped the stars regularly on brown packing paper.

chess stamp

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