Stamping silver

I do not know where my fascination with heavy tools comes from. As soon as I see something with which I could hurt myself, I need to have it. Over the last year I almost scorched off my eyebrows, singed my hair, burnt my fingers (and then pounded them with a hammer), dropped tools on my feet and cut myself more often on cut glass than I care to admit publicly.

You’d think I’d learn from my experiences but Nooooooooo, that would make me reasonable! Instead, I bought a set of metal stamps and tried how it feels when you put a steel plate on your toe. Just think of me as your personal crash-test dummy. I test new DIY tools for you and write a tutorial about it and you read the tutorial and simply ignore every tutorial step that includes images on which you can see patches in the background.


You need a letter punch set, which you can buy anywhere on the Internet. Simply google “letter punch set” or “metal stamps”.


I own a small metal screw clamp with a steel plate but the only thing you need it, is the steel stamping block, which you can buy separately. Furthermore, you need a hammer…


… scissors, masking tape, a black permanent marker …


… and something made of metal, which you want to be stamped. It´s best to use silver or silver-plated metal because this metal is the softest.


reihe 3

1. Tape lines on the metal, so that your letters are going to be straight and land on a line.

2. Hold the punch with one hand just above the metal. Try to keep it very firmly and do not move while you pound the hammer about ten times on the back of the punch.


3. Paint the stamped letters with the black marker to give them more depth.


That´s all you have to do when you want to stamp metal. You need a lot of tools but the actual stamping goes very quickly. As you can see, I made one of my silverware keychains out of the fork. If you don´t know these yet, you can find the DIY-tutorial HERE.


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