Spoon pendant

Have you ever tried to buy a whole category at Ebay? Since I started to play work with silverware, this miracle source of old silverware lures me with its siren song. So if I do not follow Internet auctions with shining eyes at the moment, I stretch my meager muscles to transform spoons to jewelry *. Although my pendants are very cheesy/ romantic, I stand by them. I need a good dose of kitsch in my life, otherwise I get cranky.

* Where is Uri Geller, when you need him?


This DIY doesn´t have a long tutorial. In principle, you just have to bend the spoon in a curve. After several attempts, I have found a method by which I had the most success.


First I bent the handle back and at the same time tried to turn it sideways.


Well, and then you have to turn the handle back to the front. In fact, it depends very much on your spoon if this step works. Silver can indeed be bent easily but it also breaks as easy and this has already happened to me at this point. Silver-plated spoons need more muscle-power but as long as the handle is rather thin and delicate, these spoons work best.


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