Skirt to bag

Sometimes I have the feeling that every craft blog I know publishes at least once a year a tutorial for gym bags. Perhaps there is a secret craft blogger society and the gym bag posts are a secret membership sign?…

As long as I can sew it myself, I don´t have a problem with wearing a cassock and meeting up with other bloggers in the cellar of a castle ruin at night. We could carry out mystical and ancient rituals with buttons and crepe paper and invent new secret passwords every day. I propose „the blackbird chirps cunning in a bike shed” as the next password and while I am searching for my crepe paper you can read how to sew a gym bag in a few simple out of a miniskirt*

* Not that I’m kicked right back out of the secret society. I already know exactly how I want to decorate my cassock!



You need a miniskirt in size 36 or 38 (EUR) …


… two stripes of fabric for the bottom of the bag (measurements depend on the size of the mini skirt) and for the straps two X two meters of drawstring or something similar. I like my straps long.



1)Separate the zipper of the skirt and close the seam.
2)Unravel the hem of the skirt.
3)Sew the fabric for the bottom on the hem.

4)Turn the skirt inside out and sew all sides of the bottom together except for the two lower corners.


5)Make a cut of about eleven centimeters on both sides of the upper part of the skirt.


6)Sew a drawstring.
7)Thread your straps in the drawstring.

8)Put the ends of your straps from the outside through the lower open corner of the bag and then sew the corners closed.


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