Silverware key chain

Like many others of my species* I have discovered the wonderful properties of silverware. These little treasures can be shaped and bend wonderfully and because I am currently completely obsessed with key chains for some strange reason, I made some out of spoons.

*The “Blogger creativum” is a rare mammal that stands out for its playfulness and curiosity. Although these friendly creatures’ have similarities with their congeners the “Blogger cosmetikus” and the “Blogger culinarus”, they can still easily be identified by some peculiarities: paint-splatters in the hair, a slight smell of turpentine and traces of healing cuts on the hands. Much like the beaver the “Blogger creativum” collects materials to expand its den and you can often find various hidden lairs near his sleeping cave where the creature gathers its treasures.

Tools and materials


You need a hacksaw, small pliers, a key ring…


…and pretty silverware.

Step 1


First you have to saw off the “head” from your silverware. The easiest way is if you fix it in place with a screw clamp before sawing.

Step 2


Now, you must start to bend the sawed end to a circle. However, at first only halfway!

Step 3


All that is left is to slide the key ring over the half circle…

Step 4


…and close the circle with the pliers.

Ps .: I was made aware of an accurate observer, that you can off course close the circle immediately. You can pull the key ring over it afterwards… that’s why it´s a key ring! Once again, I realize that logical thinking is not always my strong point. Extremely embarrassing (but funny):-).


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