Sign out of palletwood

Sign out of palletwood

I’m so excited to finally show you my new sign! My arrow sign you perhaps already know, but this time I wanted to create a square made out of several pallet boards as a wooden background, on which I could paint a larger lettering. While I have tinkered and painted, I have photographed everything step by step and put together a detailed tutorial for you. Quickly make yourself some coffee, adjust your reading glasses and grab a notepad and a pen, it’s time to build a sign!

Tools and materials




 printed lettering


Step 1


Mark the length of your boards: It is best you just ignore the nails, which are hammered into the pallet boards and only use the rest of the board without nails. Depending on how large your sign is going to be, you need several large boards (I used three) and two smaller ones that we need later for the back of the sign.

Step 2



Secure your boards at a table with a screw clamp and saw them. I recommend an electric reciprocating saw at this point, otherwise you have to request some free days at your work, because of how long it will take you otherwise to saw with a “normal” saw.

Step 3:



screwing your boards together: First turn your boards to the backside and lay them one below the other. Next you need to lay the two shorter boards across the longer ones. Mark with a pencil or chalk where you want to screw in the screws.

I prefer to first screw screws into wood for a few millimeters with a normal screwdriver and only then I use an electric cordless screwdriver.

Step 4



Attach the mounting: Once you have cut off a piece of packing tape, rope or similar (the rope should be long enough to form a slight arch), you have to attach the rope on the backside left and right on your smaller boards. I prefer to do this with a pneumatic stapler.

Step 5



For my painting I have used two different methods. For the font, I first copied the outlines on wood (you can read how to do this HERE) and then hand painted the letters with a brush. For the frame and the stars I cut myself a template and used a special adhesive film to make the template self-adhesive. Only then I filled in the red areas and after they were dried, I painted the white stars.

I know that all looks very much but it is really not that difficult and the work is fun. If you are done and look down at your sign swollen with pride, you will surely agree that it was worth the effort!

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