Side cover for IVAR

While the whole world was sleeping in on January 1st, I was sitting up straight in my bed. As soon as a new year dawns, I am always getting terribly restless. On December 31th, at midnight, I’m relaxed and balanced but at 00:01 am on January 1st, I will immediately get hyper and want to redecorate my whole apartment. The great thing is that this the one night every year, when my neighbors are even louder than my power tool. At the turn of the year to 2015 I started  to tear out my carpet in the middle of the night and this year I started to disassemble my kitchen. The center of my kitchen attack was my Ivar shelving behind the kitchen door which I repainted and built a side cover for.



1. First you have to thoroughly clean your Ivar shelving and sand it lightly.

2. I painted the majority of the shelfing with “Vintage Matt Furniture Paint Turquoise” but the top and bottom surfaces of the shelves itself got a white paint job as some contrast.


3. Now we come to the exciting part. For the side cover of my Ivar I gathered scraps of pallet wood and laid them over each other until they corresponded with the height of my shelf (2.26 meters)

4. Next, I sawed each board to the exact width of 23.8 cm and then grounded down all the boards and painted them white.


5. The reason why 23.8 cm are so important is because it corresponds exactly to the distance between the Ivar corner posts on the side. Although I have also glued the boards to each other for safety they mainly stay in place on their own where I have pushed them with slight force between the corner posts.

6. Finally, I have happily put my kitchen stuff back in the shelf.


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  1. […] wood as Ronja did in this link she sent in to her blog Nur Noch where she shared this tutorial on how to cover the open side with scraps of recycled pallet wood. This really transforms this shelf into a “wow” […]

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