Sharp knives and a flower

Sharp knives and a flower

Before I go to a flea market or to a thrift store, I always write down what I am looking for. Since I only use secondhand materials for my projects, it can happen that I start with one and then can`t work further on it because I am still missing a part of my materials, that I can`t find anywhere. This week I was finally able to cross of an entry from my little list that has been written down for quite a long time, hopefully waiting to be found: a knife block. I wanted a large solid wooden knife block, I could paint beautifully and for a small price. Fortuna has gone one better and I got my spoil for free.

Below you will now not only find my tutorial on how you can pimp an old knife block, but I’ll tell you also where you can download the free template for the flower that I have painted on my kife block. Curious?



Electric belt sander with sandpaper in different strengths, maybe masking tape, lacquer and/or colored furniture wax, brush, maybe sponge, noise protector and breathing protection.


If you don`t have an electric belt sander, you can of course also sand by hand. For this you only need sandpaper with different grits, patience and muscles.

knife block before

knife block before

after sanding

This is my knife block after the grinding. First, I always use a coarser grit and then a finer. Small corners and edges I sand off either by hand or I use an oscillating tool with the sanding attachment. As you can see, I was not careful enough and have honed dents in the wood. But that’s okay, because you can`t see them later. If you use a belt sander, you should always wear a noise protector and a breathing protection so the whole wood dust can`t settle on your lungs.

farbe vorher

Instead of paint color I used this time for the first coat a smoke blue furniture wax. With this furniture wax you can easily control how much of the wood grain can be seen later. First I applied the wax thickly with a brush…


…and then I gradually wiped the wax off with a sponge until I was satisfied with the result.

first coat of paint

nearly done

knife block after

Finally, I taped the two surfaces with masking tape and painted them white and then I painted a cute flower on the front of the knife block. I downloaded the free template for the flower HERE (along with other beautiful floral motifs).


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