Sewing to sew

I don´t know why, but when I started to sew, I was firmly convinced that it is easier to sew small things. For a long time I made only tiny stuff and the idea of sewing a pillow case let me recoil in panic. By now, I feel the other way around. Another observation I made in other sewing-newbies is that many Beginners like to sew things first that they can use for their sewing hobby, such as pincushions.

Oh, how many patterns there are alone for pincushions on the web! Even if I would sew an extra cushion for each needle, I could not sew all pincushions that I find beautiful. So I limited myself to two. Another useful accessory for sewing-junkies is the “thread-catcher”. This is a small collecting bag, which you keep close to your sewing place and which you can use as a pretty small trash can for yarn waste etc.

Everybody who likes my fish pincushion is in luck, because I found the pattern with instructions HERE for free on the Internet. The pattern for the muffin pincushion I have from a book, but I am sure that it can´t be too hard to make one without a pattern to start with. One tip I can remember: In order to stabilize the muffin bottom, you must sew an empty (and clean) yogurt cup into the bottom. I made my thread catcher without a tutorial or pattern, but HERE I picked one out for you. And now … carry on!

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