Sewing cabinet with cat

Sewing cabinet with cat

Today I made some new photos of my sewing cabinet and my tomcat wisely decided that the photo would look better with him on it. This type of sewing cabinets was very popular in the 60s and 70s. The sewing machine stands on a folding device and can be sunk into the dresser, if you furthermore close the doors and fold in the lids, only a small drawer is left and the sewing machine is hidden.

I came in possession of this useful piece of furniture by luck. There is a small shop in my neighborhood where you can drop off your stuff (clothes, books, games, dishes, etc.) and customers are allowed to take three of these donations every day with them for free. The shop is financed by money donations. Someday someone tried to donate my sewing cabinet but the store is too small to store furniture and because the tool God just visited the store at the time, he snatched up the sewing cabinet for me. The sewing machine itself works perfectly and I was able to download the manual on the Singer-website for free.

The wood tone of the cabinet was too dark for my taste, so I painted some parts white. I have a total weakness for two-toned furniture at the moment. The painting of the smaller segments was hell, because I’ve used old painter’s tape and the paint went everywhere under the tape. This error cost me two extra days in which I again carefully scraped off all the paint supernatants. Oh yes, on the first day my tomcat (the one on the photo who acts so innocent) also jumped on the wet white paint and left both on the dark wood as well as on my carpet a trace of white paw prints. Very classic! If anyone of you is interested in such a sewing cabinet, you should search Ebay because I have often seen similar models there for very little money.

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