Scrabble coasters

A few days ago I made an appeal for Scrabble tiles but unfortunately that wasn`t very successful. So I decided that for now I can`t finish my Scrabble-project. But I started it anyway.

My aspiration is to complete several sets of these coasters. I am thinking about six coasters per set. Unfortunately I had only enough tiles for four coasters. Although I have still a few tiles left, the reality is like the game and I am missing all crucial vowels to carry on. In Germany only the older editions of Scrabble have wooden tiles and if you go thrifting and visit a flea market at dawn these games will be snapped up by traders and sold again for about 15 euros. The eBay-situation with tiles is even creepier. I’m still going to keep my eyes open. I had once luck and I have still a few other German drinks with four letters in mind that also want to be used.

You do not really need any instructions for this project. I glued the pieces with two components adhesive and afterwards carefully scraped the entire glue residue off. That’s it.

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