Retro love

Use retro or not to use retro that is the question… The trend comes and goes, then it comes back and it’s already gone. Since I don`t care about trends anyway, I also don`t care about that question and at least my weakness for retro pattern remains stable and strong. As beautiful as I find all this splendor of loud patterns and colors, for my apartment it`s too overwhelming and my clothing style is also completely different… but where is the place for my retro love? Well, here and there! Distributed in small doses such as in my photo albums that I’ve covered with fabric and which remind of old times in their flower-power-splendor.

Everyone who has a bit of a hunter-gatherer in him/herself can find old fabrics of the 50s to 70s on every corner for little money…

…The left fabric that I used was a curtain that I bought at a thrift store, the middle fabric was a pillowcase from a junk shop and the right fabric was linen, also from the thrift store. Also, flea markets are a good source for old fabrics. Don`t get ripped off by Ebay sellers that take exorbitant prices for old fabrics and start to be a fabric recycler.

As an adhesive I used all-purpose glue that glues both fabric as well as paper and I folded the covers of the albums similar to a gift. In order that you don`t see the glue lines afterwards, take the first and the last page of the album and tape or glue them to the lids (colorless glue, well smoothed), so in the end everything looks perfect.

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