Recipe: Sigara böreği

Recipe: Sigara böreği

The Turkish appetizer Sigara böreği is so popular in Hamburg that it is almost a national dish. Unfortunately, these small treats cost up to 1 euro the piece at a diner and that is why I started to make the Sigara böreği myself. This way I can also control how much parsley is mixed together with the cheese. I like mine with lots of parsley. It makes them taste fresh! My homemade cooking tastes much better anyway *

* Do not be angry, mom!



You need 1-2 eggs, about 8 grams of parsley, a pack triangular puff pastry (content 18 pieces). I buy my puff pastry triangles always at a Turkish grocery store. If you do not have one in your area, you can also cut normal puff pastry into form. The fresher the puff pastry the better! Finally, you need 450 grams of white cheese from cow’s milk.



1) Cut the white cheese into small cubes and mix them together with the parsley in a blender.

2) Add now one egg to the cheese-parsley mixture. The egg is your binder. If your blender is too small to move all the cheese at one time, you must also add an egg to the mix the second time around.


3) Now put a thin roll of the cheese mixture on the wide side of one puff pastry sheet. Let a few centimeters space at the top and on both sides.


4) Fold up both corners of the wide side to the inside and start to roll your puff pastry.

5) Close to the end you must now moisten the bottom part of the puff pastry with water and then you can finish your roll. The moist puff pastry will stick to the role and hold it closed.


6) Repeat this procedure with the other 17 sheets.


7) All that is left now is to fry the Sigara böreği golden, in a pan with lots of oil from all sides. Enjoy!


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