Recipe: nonalcoholic glogg

Each of us has his or her own little Christmas traditions and one of mine is that I spend as many Advent Sundays as possible with my friends before the Christmas Marathon with my extended family begins. So on last Sunday I invited a few friends over and of course I previously bought several liters of alcohol-free glogg, the drug of my choice in December. What happened next to is so shameful to me that I first wanted to tell a wild story at this point about how somebody broke into my home at night and oddly only took the glogg. The truth is that I drank everything myself before Sunday could arrive … and then I bought new bottles and drank everything myself again … When the extent of my weakness became clear to me I changed tactics and made a recipe for homemade non-alcoholic glogg. The one thing that is even greater than my weakness for glogg is my laziness with cooking. Hooray to my ability for self-assessment! Last Sunday I did not only have enough glogg for my guests but also so much for myself that I did not have to embarrass myself any further with secretly drinking the leftover glogg of my guests. My dignity has remained intact and I am now prepared for the time when the ready-made glogg will disappear from the supermarkets in January.


(for 15 servings)

– 1 liter of black currant juice
– 1 liter of cherry juice
– 1 liter of grape juice
– 1/2 liter of apple juice (cloudy)
– 1 lime, natural
– 4 cinnamon seeds
– 5 cloves
– 3 cardamom pods


Prep: 10 minutes – Rest time: 6 hours

1. Slice the lime and crunch the cinnamon, cardamom and cloves up.

2. Fill the juices into a large pot and add the remaining ingredients.

3. Heat the glogg slowly until it steams (do not boil). Turn the oven off and let the glogg draw for 6 hours.

Heat the glogg again before serving and add more spices if needed. The glogg should be poured through a tea strainer and kept warm by a warmer or a thermos. For those who find the glogg too sweet, it can be diluted with black tea.


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