Recipe: Crispy corners

A long time ago I posted a review off a design market on my blog and asked for a recipe. At the market I ate some incredibly yummy cookis and I thought, I could try to get the recipe – even if I didn´t have high hopes. A few months later, I suddenly got the recipe via email from a mother of a friend*. Full of delight I saved the recipe on my computer and promptly forgot about it for a year.  Last week I stumbled upon it and finally made them: the divine crispy corners. Thanks again for the recipe, dear Marina!

* and quickly understood why these crispy bites taste so good. With tons of butter, sugar, chocolate, jam and coconut, it could not have been otherwise. I fear that I am going to land on Weight Watchers blacklist with this recipe!



150 g wheat flour, 1.5 tsp baking powder, 165 g sugar, 2 packets of vanilla sugar, 1 egg, 165 g butter or margarine, apricot jam, 2 tsp water, 200 g hazelnuts (half ground, half chopped) or 200 g grated coconut, 150 g chocolate. You can either bake the crispy corners with coconut, hazelnut or mixed. I’ve chosen the latter and made a version with half coconut and half nut.



1) Mix the flour, egg, baking powder, 65 g sugar, 1 packet of vanilla sugar, 65 g butter/margarine and knead everything to smooth dough. Now let the dough get cold

2) Melt 100g butter/margarine with 100g sugar, the second packet of vanilla sugar and the water and boil it shortly.


3) Cover a baking sheet with parchment paper, roll out the dough and brush it with apricot jam.

4) Stir the hazelnut/coconut in the fat and let it cool down.


5) Spread the nut/coconut mass onto the dough …


6) … and bake it for 20-30 minutes in the oven (gas: 3 – 4, electric: 175-200 degrees). After baking, allow the mass to cool down and then cut it into squares of about 8×8 cm and divide these again into halves, so that you get triangles. Finally, coat or sprinkle the triangles with chocolate. Enjoy!



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