Rag rug cushion

Over the last weeks I painted almost everything that I could get ahold of. Now I’m slowly willing again to let some color into my life. So I’ve made myself a rag rug cushion.



a rag rug


maybe some T-shirt yarn

Step 1


Colors are all well and good, but they still need to match the rest of the room. That is why I used some T-shirt yarn to sew over the colors of the rag rug that didn´t like. You can read HERE how to make your own T-shirt yarn.

Step 2


Next, I have wrapped the rag rug on the right side around a big cushion. I pinned the two open sides closely around the cushion together and then sewed the sides by hand.

Step 3


Now I only had to turn the rag rug case again to the other side, put the pillow back in…

Step 4


… and tuck the last open side of the case in the opening like a flap. It can´t get easier than that!

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