Rag rug bag

Spring is here and I’m ecstatic! Again I have more daylight to take pictures, I don´t get frostbites anymore when I paint inside with open windows and most importantly, I can wear my beloved flip-flops again! If it were up to me I’d never wear other shoes. Unfortunately, I’m sure kids would run after me and laugh at me if I would wear flip flops with socks in the winter and as someone who lives in the constant fear that my friends sign me up for a makeover show on television, I have to be careful.

As uninterested as I am in shoes, as excited I’m about bags and so I made a new summer bag out of a rag rug. Of course I didn´t forget you and put together a small sewing tutorial. For all of you who would like to sew more with rag rugs, I also have HERE a sewing tutorial for a rag rug cushion.



For this bag you need a small rag rug (60 cm X 38 cm)…


… two stripes of fabric (or felt) with the measurements of 43 cm X 11 cm …


… two more stripes of the same material with the measurements of 7 cm X 137 cm (depending on how long you want the bag strap to be)…


… and two pieces of white fabric with the measurements of about 72 cm X 26 cm.

Step 1

halber teppich

First I cut the rag rug into two halves.

Step 2


Next I made some sort of bias tape out of the short gray stripes…

Step 3


… and have sewn this carefully around the cut sides of the rag rug.

Step 4


Then I put the two halves of the rag rug right sides together and stitched the two sides down.

Step 5


Now you have to invert your bag and sew the bottom with the fringes closed. It´s best to do this with several seams.

Step 6

bias träger

Next, I finished the bag strap. For this I made bias tape out of the two long gray stripes and sewed both, left sides facing, together.

träger fertig

Step 7

futter umgeschlagen

Now we come to the inner lining. For this you have to put the two white fabrics on top of each other and sew the two short sides and one long side together.

Step 8

futter eingenäht

Then you place the inner lining inside the bag, turn the upper edge of the lining outwards by ca. one centimeter and sew it below the gray stripe to the bag.

Step 9


At the last step, my sewing machine gave up because the fabric was too thick and so I hand stitched the bag strap to both sides of the bag, over the side seam.


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  1. Lúcia

    23 March

    Hi Ronja!
    I want to make one bag like this. I have tried to cut one rag rug and it started coming apart. Did it happen to you. How do you do it?

    • Ronja Lotte

      23 March

      It is tricky! It is okay if it unreavels just a bit – you can catch this with the bias tape. If you still have problems, try gluing a stripe of fabric, about three centimeters wide, in the middle and then cut the rag rug in halfe. The glued fabric shold hold the threads and you can hide this small fabric stripe on both sides within the bias tape 😉 I hope that this works for you! Take care, Ronja Lotte