Plant hanger out of T-shirt-yarn

Plant hanger out of T-shirt-yarn

As promised here is my first project with T-shirt yarn. I’ve known the idea of a plant hanger made out of T-shirt-yarn for quite a while but this particular design is my own. I hope you like it and the fantastic thing about this project is that you only have to braid and knot – for a change I went low tech.

Material & tools


flowerpot and T-shirt-yarn (each 22,4 m). I only needed two T-shirts for this!


fabric scissors, measuring tape, key ring and possibly screw clamp


Cut your T-shirt yarn into 16 strips of each 1.40 m. As you can see, only my smokeblue stripes are real T-shirt yarn, my beige stripes did not want to curl up because the fabric has a high synthetic content. You can read HERE, how to make T-shirt yarn. I picked two colors for my plant hanger but of course you can also just use one color or 16.


First, you must gather all your stripes next to each other on the same level. Start at one end and pull a loop through your key ring and then you have to pull the rest of your yarn through the loop and make a tight knot.



I arranged my strips in four groups, always two blue stripes on the outside and two white on the inside.


To fix my strips while braiding I used a screw clamp.


Next, I braided my four groups. You can watch HERE how to braid with four stripes if you are not familiar with this method (and at the same time you will learn how to braid Easter bread ;-).


If you have braided your stripes for about 27 cm, make a big knot.


Continue braiding after your knot for about 22 cm and end each braid with a small knot.


Now the explaining-part is getting a bit difficult. Next, you take two endstripes of each braid and knot them together with two endstripes of one adjoining braid. I made my knot after about 5 cm length.


Step 6 must now be repeated with all stripes.


If all stripes are knotted together, repeat the whole process five centimeters below.


At this point your plant hanger should look like this.


And this is how the mesh looks like when pulled over a pot.


Next I knotted at the bottom the first two opposite strands firmly together.


And then I did the same thing with the other two opposite strands. Finally cut your loose shirt yarn at both ends of your plant hanger even and you’re done!


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