Picture frame without picture

Picture frame without picture

There are many things that make an apartment a home. For most people that includes photos of their loved ones, on the bedside table, on walls or on a refrigerator. I’m not one of those people.

With one exception: I allow personal photos in the kitchen. In every other rooms I have only the occasionally postcard up my walls.  But what I really like are beautiful picture frames and after I got one particularly squiggly of these specimens as a present, I could not contain myself and copied an idea of one of my friends: to provide a picture frame with a padded back panel and use it as a bulletin board.

To be honest, I do not really like pin boards but I rather see this little one as display surface and it currently presents my modest Button collection. The back of the frame is made of cardboard, which I cut oval and upholstered with liner. I just glued the fabric on the cardboard and voilà. This type of bulletin boards is also a wonderful place to display your earring collection.

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