Piano stool with plant

When I was seven years old, I decided to become the next Mozart and talked my parents into buying me a piano. Three piano teachers later, I still could not really read music and cheated my way through piano lessons by playing all the songs by ear. At home I regularly sat down at my piano, but less for practice but rather to spin myself on the piano stool up and down until I got sick.

This small piano stool makeover is dedicated to all my former piano teachers, who had a tough time with my laziness and who have shown me how beautiful piano music is, unless I play it.

piano stool before

I honestly have no idea where you can get a cheap used piano stool. I saved mine before it went to the trash. I think it is quite excellent as a plant table, because you can adapt the individual height for your plant.


You do not need much materials or tools. If you want to paint the stool wholly or in parts you need to grind the wood first. Both with and without electric tools this is done in no time because it is such a small piece of furniture. I used a matte white for my stool and simply painted parts with a brush and wiped off any splashes immediately.

Finally, I would like to express my respect for all the people who have the discipline to really learn a musical instrument and do not spend half of their music lesson discussing why it is important for girls to have long fingernails for nail polish, regardless of whether the nails clack unpleasant on the piano keys. You are an inspiration!

PS.: Thanks also to my parents who have always supported me when I wanted to try new things and in hindsight I am glad that you didn´t buy me a drum set when I wanted one …. although I can spontaneously think of two upcycling projects for which I could use some drums!

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