Patchwork chair cushions

I am determined to make in the future more photos for you of my work processes, but with my older projects, the train has left the station and I can only try to describe to some extent, how I have done something. Like with these pillowcases….

First of all patchwork is not difficult, if you are willing to tackle a bit of math. I wanted to sew new pillowcases for my chair cushions, so I measured them first. For the patchwork part I wanted to take two fabrics with prints in each row and one white fabric, so it was obvious to take five squares per row. To highlight the patchwork part there also should be an outer frame made of strips of fabric. With these ideas in mind now the calculating could begin. Since I am a very visual person, I glued a sample pillow case with tiny fabric squares on paper. A friend of mine thought that so hilarious that she took a picture of it and so I can actually show you a step of my progress, Yeah!


After I added a seam allowance to all parts and cut everything out, the sewing could begin. I first sewed together the individual rows of squares, then stitched the rows itself together and at last sewed the outer strips to the rest. In order that the fabric does not wrinkle when you sit down on the pillow, I ironed fusible batting on the back of the front part. For the whole back of the pillow case I just took a simple white fabric. Since my seat cushions have straps, which bind the pillow tightly to the chair, I decided to take no buttons or zippers as a closure. Instead, I added a flap to the white underside of my pillow case, which is slightly narrower than the rest of the cover in a way that left and right gaps remain for the straps. I sewed velcro fastener on the flap and on the inside of the pillow case. Sounds probably really confusing, but I hope that you can realize what I’ve done on the next picture.


I sometimes like me some color so I choose different colors for my two chair cushions and as always I mainly recycled fabrics for this project: A children´s dress, a blouse, a pillow case and a skirt lost their lives for these pillow cases.

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