Pallet coat rack

Pallet coat rack

I hereby bestow myself the award for “the most stubborn craftswomen”. Because I wanted to be finished quickly with my renovations, I totally overused my wrists. And because I’m so stubborn, I have continued working nonetheless and now my doctor put me on ice. The command is that I no longer move my hands at all. Off course this includes typing but a few days later I’m already dying of boredom, so I decided to give myself a little reward in the form of two hours typing, because I was so good.

Just before my hands gave up, I have finished my new pallet coat rack and off course I now want to show it to you. Until further notice, I am otherwise dammed to do nothing but watch bad television, gaze longingly at my tool and to sigh now and then tortured.




For my new coat rack I disassembled two LEKSVIK coat racks from IKEA to use the hooks.


In order to strengthen the construction of my coat rack, I’ve used these fittings.

Step 1


First, I sanded my six boards lightly. Just so much that you cannot get a splinter and then I glued the boards with epoxy together and tightened the fittings for reinforcement at the ends of the boards.

Step 2


Since all boards together have quite a weight, I decided against a mounting and instead drilled a hole in each corner so I could screw the whole coat rack to the wall.

Step 3


For the paint I used a light gray tone. Once I applied the paint with a brush on the wood, I immediately wiped much of the color down with a cloth, so that the original color of the wood is still visible.

Now I just had to screw in the hooks and the coat rack was finished.


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