Pallet candleholders

Recently, I have announced that I have started to make new candleholders. After I have shown you HERE a nostalgic version with porcelain, now my neon collection follows, made from pallet wood. To call me a candle lover, might be the understatement of the year. I’m burning about ten candles a day and like a junkie I constantly run to the drugstore to buy new candles. I think I have to ask whether there is something like candles stocks. Maybe this way I would get the money back that I spend monthly for candles.


You need a small board, three small wooden candle tops with metal inserts (you can get them at craft stores), paint, glue and sandpaper.


If your board isn´t sanded yet, you need to do this now.

pinke reihe

The small metal inserts only sit loosely in the candle tops. Take them out and paint the board and the candle tops. It´s definitely easiest to use spray paint.


Now you only have to glue the metal inserts into the candle tops and then again glue these onto the wooden board.


Because I wanted something new to sell, I have made an entire collection. Both for long candles as well as for large tealights. In addition to the candleholders you can see here, I have also made a pink candleholder for one long candle and candleholders in turquoise for three long candles. Well, now I just need to decide which ones I am really going to sell and which ones I keep.

Incidentally, if you would like to have one of the candleholders but you don´t want to build it yourself, you will also be able to buy these in the design store “Ouiddje” (Veringstraße 65, 21107 Hamburg) that will be opened at April the 4th 😉





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