Oven glove

If an oven glove and a potholder really love each other they get an oven holder or a pot glove … Really, I have no idea how these things are called I made for my mom’s birthday. Last winter we saw these oven eggs at a design market and my clever mom didn`t buy any and waited (very well-behaved) until I made her some myself.

You can find sewing instructions (in English) with a free pattern for this variation HERE, but you can get them also in apple shape HERE in heart shape HERE and in many other forms, for which I didn`t find any free patterns, such as butterflies, ladybugs, owls and muffins.

As for the materials I recommend, as always, recycling. Since you do not need a lot of fabric, you can use old fabric scraps, or go thrifting. I used an old pillowcase for my pot egg. The main thing is that you can wash the fabric hot. Also do you yourself a favor and do not buy extra expensive thermal fleece or Insul Bright! Just use old cloths folded thickly, old towels or even used ugly potholders. Again, you have to be able to wash the fabric well. I find these pot-egg-things extremely practical and I will probably make some for myself, too. They are quick and easy to sew and cost practically nothing. What else could you want?

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