Not without my slippers!

As I have already posted here at my blog, slippers have a special place in my heart. Currently I own six pairs and constantly forbid myself to buy more. But after I stumbled across a free sewing pattern for slippers on Pinterest HERE (English) I broke down and sew a pair myself.

But I am not going to sew more of these because I’ve encountered the limit of my sewing skills with this pair. As you can see in the picture, one shoe is slightly larger than the other one and on the whole I totally miscalculated my shoe size. Without socks I am falling out of these cuties. As it turns out you can`t just measure your feet and be done.

However the pattern and the instructions are really nice, so don`t be put off by my moaning. Shoes and I are always a very sensitive subject. If I have the choice to wear high heels or rubber boots with a dress, I choose rubber boots (true story). I think that tells everything about me and shoes.

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