My new workstation

It is raining again in Hamburg and I’m curled up on a couch in my atelier, enjoying my new favorite pastime: confusing passersby. You have to know that my atelier looks from the outside like a shop: Large shop window with different items on display and a logo. That in itself is weird enough for this street. This street is in fact purely residential and walk-in customers are non-existent. Understandably, this means that my atelier is an oddity that regularly drives curious passersby to my shop window, reading my logo and wondering what the hell “Nur noch” means and then they look through the window in my atelier. What can I say? I like to be comfortable when I’m working and it has been a long time since it mattered to me what strangers think of me. From the inside my atelier looks more like a living room and there I sit on a couch, my feet up on a stool, my notebook in my lap and a cigarette in my hand, smiling friendly to the starring stranger. If it’s warm, I leave the door open and then there is the additional effect of everyone on the street joining me in listening to my favorite podcasts.

I guess my new neighbors find me very odd. But that’s okay.

Today I would like to show you one of my new workstations. The best thing is that I inherited this one and did not have to build it myself.


The first time I showed you my unrenovated atelier some time ago, you may have wondered what this yellow thing on the wall is. The previous tenant used the rooms as a mini daycare and the yellow thing is a big self-made folding table where the children ate lunch. As a table for an adult it is therefore actually too low but for my purposes it is still perfect.


Since yellow isn´t my color, I painted the table white and then I mounted a white shade directly above it.


Now when the table is folded down, I have a wonderfully large area to set aside unfinished projects and spread documents.


… And if I pull down the shade I have a perfect photo station with a white backdrop! Ta-da! When I’m done with work, I just pull the shade up again and fold the table. I wonder why I didn´t construct something similar at my apartment. This construction saves so much space and is much more practical than anything I’ve used before.

I hope you have a nice weekend! For me it´s time for another podcast and back to waving at passersby. After all I have to work on my reputation.


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