Mug love

I know that you should not have strong feelings for material things but the fact remains that I constantly fall head over heels in love with mugs.

I have mugs that I use for coffee; mugs, which are for tea; some mugs I use in the morning and others I prefer in the afternoon. I buy mugs at flea markets, when I’m on vacation and when I really just want to get something quickly at the drugstore, but when it comes to mugs as presents, I like to paint them myself. Many of you may have already tried it but if you haven´t, it´s about time: quotes, graffiti, comics, patterns, freestyle, templates… everything is allowed and everything is fun! If you like my mugs, I have here a tutorial for you on how to paint one of my mug-patterns:



1. You need a white mug.

2. The outside of the mug must be cleaned. If you don´t have a cat on hand to lick the mug, you can also wash it yourself.


3. Malt mit einem Bleistift Kästchen auf den Becher und fangt an in jedes Kästchen mit Porzellanfarbe die Kreisform zu malen.

3. Draw boxes on the mug with a pencil and start to paint the circular shapes with porcelain paint in each box.


4. Paint small dotted triangles between the circular shapes. My blue color had to air dry for 24 hours.

5. Next I painted a rim with porcelain color in copper. First this color had to air dry for four hours and then I put it for 90 minutes at 190 degrees in the oven. Supposedly, the color is dishwasher safe but I could not try this because I don´t own a dishwasher. The color remains definitely on the mug when I do the dishes by hand.




Since I had two more white mugs left, I decided to try out porcelain markers, with which you can apply the color directly on the mug without a brush.


I have to say, that you can paint with the markers significantly faster and they are definitely better suited for children, because they are much easier to handle than a brush! Especially when you want to write something on your mug, I would recommend a marker – to write with a brush is definitely too hard for me. As you know I typically don´t recommend shops but I was a bit shocked about the price range for these markers and that is why I will reveal now that I bought my markers at Nastami because they had the best price. Furthermore, this is overall a cute online shop and the owner has also a blog where she shows what you can do with the materials you can buy at her shop. I really like this concept of craft online shop with craft blog.

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