Minimalistic Advent

Minimalistic Advent

A few days ago I showed you HERE my favorite DIY decorations for Christmas. As announced, I have made one of these projects in my own variation. In two days, the Advent season starts and instead of buying a wreath, I put together a small cup wreath. Most Advent wreaths that you can buy are far too cheesy for my taste and this year I wanted it rather minimalistic and with a clear design. This one is also a plus for all recycling friends: After Christmas, you can take apart the individual components and use them again next year.


First, I have written the numbers on the cups with normal adhesive and sprinkled chopped fir over them. After two minutes I then held the cup sideways, knocked gently against the cup and the fir without the adhesive fell well behaved to the ground. Since I have been using water-soluble glue, I can easily wash the glue again of the cup after Christmas.


Next, I have filled the cups with soil. Whether you put the small fir branches now in the soil or at the next step is up to yourself.


As holders for the candles, I’ve used these little metal holders that are also used with the usual Advent wreaths. Since I have always kept mine in recent years, I still had some.


Now you just have to put the candles on the holders and add some decoration around the cups. Since the fir is placed very close to the candles, I will only light them when I sit right next to them and can watch the candles but officially this is actually what one should always do when lighting candles. I wish you a pleasant first Advent and a cozy Sunday!

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