Measuring cup Upcycling

Measuring cup Upcycling

The fascination with old things is definitely in my blood. My father is also a passionate collector of antiques & curiosities. So it is not surprising that from time to time I rummage through his treasures and with the help of my daughterly charms get some of his finds. That is how I came into possession of a 50’s measuring cup which was completely rusted and only waiting for me to save it and to make it pretty again. Unfortunately no trick to remove rust helped to restore the measuring cup back to its former glory, so it was time for Plan B and I declared the measuring cup to be my latest upcycling project.



You need an old measuring cup made of metal and must first try to get rid of the rust as well as you can.

Step 1

white paint

First, I painted the body of the measuring cup white…

Step 2


…and the foot yellow.

Step 3


After some long, intense and soul-shaking thinking, I decided after ten seconds that the measuring cup needed stripes. Therefore, I measured the length and the circumference of the measuring cup, glued tape on transparent foil, draw eight of these stripes on it and cut them out.

Step 4


Now I only had to remove the stripes from the transparent foil, glue them on the cup…

Step 5


… and paint the outside of the cup yellow. In hindsight, it became clear that I didn´t need to paint the foot before but I didn´t know that at the time. Before the paint was completely dry, I peeled off the stripes and potted a pretty flower.


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